Bridget Luff infuses her creative spirit and sense of ceremony into her yoga practice. Her classes are created to sync your body and mind so that you wake up to all that you are and all that you can do. She believes that yoga is magic and movement is medicine so throughout the practice she guides students in finding the ground beneath their feet, the fire in their belly and space in their heart. She works as a yoga teacher and mentor, guiding people in connecting to their true purpose and power. 

“Through yoga I seek to uncover my true self - to move with awareness, and unlock the raw radiant energy that lies within. In my practice I aim to build inner strength and flexibility on the mat and in life. I am intrigued with finding a balance between structure vs wild, form vs freedom. I don’t believe in only one way of doing a pose (or anything in life) I keep questioning and evolving my practice - infusing it with curiosity and an on-going exploration of anatomy, energy and awareness.

The quest is to see things more truthfully and to listen more intuitively; to move, live and breathe with less strain and more grace.”

Bridget offers yoga classes and workshops in London, U.K. and retreats set in potent places to wake you up to your creative life force and power. The courses she offer help you to maintain finding the magic in the mundane. To receive Bridget's monthly musings and exclusive updates in your inbox ... subscribe over here