no need to fear, the goddess is near

by bridget luff

The 'goddess' is getting a lot of hashtags and social media attention lately. But what does she actually mean and represent to you? Here is the beginning of my thoughts, feelings and understanding of the goddess.  Understanding and working with the goddess/divine feminine has really lit up my world and given me the power to do what I love. 

The Goddess is pure feminine energy and creative power.

She has the ability to receive inspiration from which she brews up something new. She waits until the time is right before she makes her offering. She knows when to speak, when to fight, when to hold back.

We need more of the goddess way these days because we tend to do do and do rather than listening to what is needed and then offering. We work a lot from stress, ambition and fear rather than from love and inspiration. This is why we run out of ideas, burn out, fatigue, stress, deplete. This is why we become jagged, tired, cranky and lacking. We look outside of ourselves for the energy we need. We don’t realise that sometimes we just need to chill the f*%ck out, go with the flow and wait for the next wave of insight to come through. We have forgotten how to just lay back for a moment and trust the creative waves of life to lift us up again.

Good news is that although the goddess power is often-times buried she is within ALL of us. 

She can be a cook, cleaner, dancer, warrior, finance whizz, architect, singer, artist, healer, witch, speaker, writer ... SHE IS IN YOU.

So how do we free her when she is in hiding?

Working with the Goddess is an opportunity to harness different energies that exist within us already. I know, it all sounds quite weird but that's because our society has suppressed this creative power for so long now. I won't go on that rant now, let's save it for another time, but let's just say things are a little out of whack.

It is currently Navaratri, an ancient Indian festival of 9 nights celebrating different aspects of the feminine. 

The goddess shape shifts and she has many faces. Like the moon which shows us different parts of herself every night. 

For example we have Durga a fierce warrior goddess, Lakshmi the beautifully refined lotus flower goddess and Saraswati our dedicated organised musician writer and scholar. The stories and chants around the goddesses help us light up different parts of ourselves - some parts you never thought existed. Which means you can do things you didn't know were possible!

Personally I have been working with Durga quite a lot over the last year - I needed to learn to speak out, break boundaries and allow my inner ferocity to come out. It has been truly revolutionary for me, and an ongoing journey. I am learning to say no to things that don't feel right. I am expressing myself more and trying out things that scare me. I have surrounded myself with powerful women and I even have a stripy cat (he is my tiger)! 


What qualities are you looking to manifest?

Are you needing more abundance (Lakshmi), strength (Durga) or discipline (Saraswati)? There are 1000’s of qualities and many goddesses, which means we too can shape shift and become more powerful. It's a whole big fascinating can of worms which once opened might just ROCK YOUR WORLD upside down and inside out! 

The goddess is not some crazy idol worship outside of ourselves, her energy is a part of all of us. When we have a healthy goddess energy then we become a channel of greater power, wisdom, creativity and truth.

We can wake  the sleeping goddess up in many different ways: chanting, learning her stories, visualisation, through movement, yoga, dancing, connecting to nature, writing, drawing (see below for more info).

Every day over the next week or so we have the opportunity to honour and celebrate our inner goddess whilst people all over the world do this too, which is special. It is a good time to start or refresh your Goddess Practice. And if you are anything like me, it could be the beginning of a deep revolutionary inner journey.

We all have this potential to create magic, mother, love passionately, be our best Self and see beyond reason. 

SO, if you dare, wake up your inner Goddess and witness what unfolds. I recommend it. It is a wild but wonderful ride. 

Jai Ma!*

SOME Resources to Deepen your Goddess Practice:

  • Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton is my goddess bible
  • Sianna Sherman has plenty dvd’s, courses and resources on Goddess mythology (and more), she introduced me to this work
  • Susanna Harwood Rubin offers hugely inspiring mythical online courses and in-person events in Paris and New York
  • Tanja Mickwitz runs monthly Mythical Flow evenings at The Life Centre in London
  • Shakti Shop is a monthly yoga event with Leila Sadeghee to wake up and shake up your inner creative force. Email to find out where her next one is
  • This Saturday 17 October I have a Tiger Goddess workshop at Leyton Yoga - and plenty more of this type of work to come!

*a shout out to the Divine Mother and supreme Goddess power.