love letter to the night by bridget luff

As the seasons shift and darkness grows my old friend insomnia has come around to call. She has been visiting me for as long as I can remember and I have found many ways of ‘coping’ with her presence - tv, sleeping pills, hot chocolate, the internet- and they all made it worse.  Now-a-nights I am learning to appreciate the moon magic and what she has to say.

Some nights are still a battle but we are slowly growing one of those relationships that nourish. And so here I am writing about and to my dark mistress to help me (and fellow night-owls) not fear her claws.

With some guidance from my Celtic priestess friends, I finally listened to that quiet wise whisper that called me and told me to not fret in the midnight hour and simply watch the moon, to feel her bathe me with her lunar gaze. Kind of like we would do in the day time with the sun, I sit on my steps or lie in bed, wherever I can see her and I feel her presence - tis subtle but beautiful. 

We keep seeking ways of avoiding the darkness rather than simply being and embracing this different ambient experience.

Now I see my so-called insomnia as a sacred precious gift to be with the moon energy. In the dark I sit and listen to the night’s sounds. I light candles. And read amazing stories. I write and journal and admire my cat stalking mice in the garden. Tis the dark goddess time and she is inviting us to dance to play. She is not to be afraid of. As you waltz with her you realise you only need fear and fear alone. And I find if I truly be with her, not avoiding the call, after an hour or two of soaking up her magic she lets me drift back in to the dream world... and if I still struggle to sleep after my moon bath I do some child's pose and rub my feet with a lavender infused oil and the next thing I wake up wrapped in duvet fresh for a new day in the sun with a remembrance of my moon adventure.