unlocking communication by adrianna zaccardi

When I first met Adrianna in London, I felt like I was meeting an old friend. We instantly connected and I love hanging out with her in a cafe and talking about life, love and yoga for hours. She sparks such creativity in people and powers them up to be their fullest brightest self. Adrianna is a gem, based in South London, where she teaches and writes about yoga. Enjoy her musing below on THE KEY TO UNLOCKING COMMUNICATION. Starting with you! 

This may sound like a familiar concept, yet so many of us (myself included) are often left with feelings of frustration, stress and confusion, or worse yet headaches, colds, insomnia and lower back problems.

Communication starts with you, and guess what?

You have a relationship between you and your body, which deserves your undivided attention. We feed it, wash it, stimulate it and let it rest, but how many of us are really listening to our bodies?

The practice of yoga enables us to feel our bodies across all planes of movement, whilst allowing the mind to become the Seer, but without the key of listening, how do we know what to give our bodies?

The metaphysical connection between body, mind and the heart space is powerful beyond word. Our bodies have been created to allow deep emotional communication through each and every cell of the body, which manifests in the physical.

For example, our hips are the one-stop-shop for storing all your emotional and physical tension in the body. If we can begin to look at this area of the body more closely we can begin to discover that the predominant fear of being unable to let go and moved forward is stored in the space that is by very nature designed to carry the body forward in perfect balance. (Louise Hay – Heal your body)

So what are our hips trying to tell us in this example?

It really could be a range of things, from the most physically obvious (exercise/ sitting for long periods) to the deeper and perhaps not so obvious emotional tension.

Once we can understand that the physical ailment, disease, injury or habit we take part in is in fact a pattern, we can release it. Yoga and mediation are beautiful tools to support you in doing so. By simply pausing and reflecting, shines a light so bright that you have no choice but to move forward.

Keep moving forward with this light, with this awareness, and although there may be more moments of darkness, you will have a guide to lead you to respond and not react.

Taking this practice of listening from a place of awe and wonder has a profound impact on our own beings, as well as the relationships we nurture.

Can you imagine the shifts you could create if all your communication came from a place of curious, loving listening?

The possibilities are infinite.

Start exploring infinite beings.