Collette, the word-weaver

I wanted to share a blog that a beautiful friend/colleague of mine has started writing. Collette Davis is one of those people who writes for other people for a living. Finding the perfect words to describe what and who they are. 

And then she became a yoga teacher.

I was honoured to witness her rise up and find her voice as a teacher (alongside an incredible gang on The Practices of Leadership & Empowerment Training in 2014) . When she speaks and writes, finding her words, she digs deep inside and it rings so true for those who listen. She has a gift of speaking from the heart, throwing out the cliches and finding the real gems.

You can check out some of the words she has found over here.  I have a feeling there is a LOT more of these to come, with her soul sewn in.

Here is an excerpt from her "Facing your Nemesis" piece on forearm stand (oh, and Collette I can sooo relate to all of this)...

"My yoga is to recognise the portrait that I paint. We are all responsible for painting our own canvas in this life and I want mine to be authentic. I don’t need to be strong anymore and my perception of what strong is has completely changed anyway. I want to be strong by being vulnerable. I want to offer up my falls and failures and frustrations and fuck ups. My nemesis isn’t a forearm stand. It’s my superhero self who thinks she has to work hard at everything all the time to prove that she’s a good person."  ... keep reading over here.

Find out what else Collette is up to over HERE.