The day I met Leila

I remember very clearly the first class I took with Leila Sadeghee. It was about 7 years ago and she was covering a class at my local studio in east London where I was a receptionist. She walked in all beautiful, svelte, stylish, wearing a super sexy hat and boyfriend jeans - truth be told - I was more than a little intimidated. Not for long though, as she immediately looked me in the eyes, shook my hand and I felt safe. In her class she spoke about our physical heart in a metaphysical way, how this one beating muscle spontaneously beat and sent blood through our entire body, through an interconnected web of veins and arteries. I still remember it! Her words were poetry and her class was magic. I felt incredibly supported and SEEN in her class, like she really saw my body and truly respected me in all that I was and could be. 

Immediately I knew this was my teacher. The person who taught in a way that truly resonated with me. Who was a few steps ahead on the same path I was wanting to tread. 

And I was right.

At the time she was only teaching a few classes, so I traveled all over London to experience her medicine.  Her class I imagine like a fire walk, it is intense but now I know and trust that during the process my body realigns and I walk out clearer, freer, lighter. Over the years Leila has been teaching in unknown spaces, derelict offices, beautiful homes, established studios, party islands, online, in villas, parks and beaches throughout Europe and the world!

One of the things Leila has done is supported and mentored me as both student and a teacher, only ever wanting the best for me.  Sometimes she has given me advice I have completely ignored. And regretted later. Without her support I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be doing what I do now. She has gently guided me in so many ways that if I were to detail it this newsletter would go on forever. Some of you know, as you have been there with me from the beginning (and are now my closest friends).

Even after all this time I still learn a lot every time I am with her.  When I think back on the journey I have come on, she has been there nudging me along and inviting me to go deeper, further, wilder. So, Leila, I know you are reading this, THANK YOU.

You may wonder why I am telling you all this. BECAUSE if you feel stuck in your life, your body, your mind and you really want to shift something.  You want to go deeper into your practice and all that you can do in your life.  Well, Leila just might be your gal too. Three years ago she co-founded The Practices of Freedom and Wellbeing Immersion, and I have had the honour of both assisting and now teaching on this revolutionary and magical course. And this year it leads into The Practices of Leadership and Empowerment Teacher Training where you get to learn what yoga teaching and building community is really about. 

The next immersion and teacher training starts at the end of February, and there are only a handful of places left. If you are interested get in touch with Leila or me ASAP. We would love to hear from you.

photo by Melodie Roulaud

photo by Melodie Roulaud