What about the Moon ...

There is a lot of talk about 'moons' at the moment. Tis a big old moon meme in the yoga world. For me it comes from a deep need to connect to the earth (they say the moon once was a chunk of the earth!) and nature. Studying the moon actually grounds me, makes me feel more present and alive. Here is why I study the moon and her phases. I thought about writing something more 'technical' but that is kind of the opposite of what the moon magic is! She is meant to be a mystery... 

I have a secret love affair. A truly nurturing relationship with a sexy night mistress. She is beautiful, at times shy, other times lighting up the night, a moody and truly magnetic maiden. She pulls me right into the moment and reminds me to be present. She reminds me I am a child. She is the embodiment of the feminine, the goddess, she is la lune. 

I used to think that it was weird and fanciful to admire her but I have grown to understand our relationship is a deep power source and resource.

Most nights I sneak out to peek and see if she is out there waving to me… sometimes a grey veil covers her face but I know she is there, sweetly hidden, whispering wisdoms to me… 

She reminds me of who and what I am, she reminds me to honour the rhythm of nature, she reminds me to trust that things move in cycles and phases, she reminds me to connect with who and what I love. This is the moon’s medicine. Some nights I sit on the steps with Haruki (my cat, he gets it) and have wee drink to the moon, my night caller. I sit at her feet and listen to what she has to say. Especially when in a concrete jungle, I deeply crave connection to nature and all its magic. My practice and life now moves in the rhythm of the moon, and it gives my wild rebellious soul a sense of peace and purpose while the world sleeps.

Science alone won't back me up on the hows and the whys - for a nice change. Science is the quantifiable, the moon is the mystery.  I don’t care what ‘they’ say, I love her anyway.  There is no rhyme and the reason but a deeper knowing, a longing within.

So, now you know, my secret is out. And I wanted to share in case you secretly love her too. Let's gather in a circle together, soak up her power and howl her praises? I hope to see you there, dancing and dreaming wild and free under the light of the moon, where-ever you are on this globe.

With love, b 

P.s. Londoners, I am offering a ‘crescent moon prana bath’ in Notting Hill at the life centre 10th April in honour of the new moon shift, you are most welcome to join me. And more to come!

P.p.s. Track my wild witch sister @wendyloughlan on facebook, twitter and instagram - she does an incredibly insightful update most new and full moons. 

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