Thank you Susannah!

Just a big shout out to a beautiful soul who makes beautiful work (including most of the photographs of me on this site!) She has also given me much inspiration and encouragement on how to be a sensitive, introverted soul but still manage to put my writing and work online, and out there, in the world. So, Susannah, for the advice you have given me, for carving the path for creatives online, for working so darn hard, for being you ... thank you! 

I am currently participating in her "April Love" campaign which is an opportunity to meet and be inspired by a group of incredibly gifted women and make creative magic together. It's like a big love fest and insta-happening. I love it, click here to read more about it, and follow #AprilLove2016 on instagram.

Susannah also regularly runs workshops online (and in person) and creative campaigns. I highly recommend signing up for her monthly letters, which are personal, heartfelt and genuine.

She is the real deal.

Find her over here .

Who are your mentors, guides and gurus? I'm sharing mine over here and on social media. I would love to know who supports you too... #realworldgurus

Love, b x