Graceful Transitions - a 3 week course
to Mar 24

Graceful Transitions - a 3 week course

“To become deeply silent is not to become still, but to become tidal and seasonal, a coming and going that has its own inimitable, essential character, a story not fully told, like the background of the sea, or the rain falling or the river going on, out of sight, out of our lives.” - David Whyte

This spring celebrate the rhythms of change in your practice. Join Bridget for a three week course to deepen your yoga, where we explore how to become ever more present and graceful in transitions, those ‘in-between moments’, and discover a deep silence that dwells within constant motion.

Through Graceful Transitions we will hone the quality of our movement and attention in our practice, look at creative and traditional forms of a vinyasa, learn how to intelligently and intuitively modify and curate yoga sequences, and ultimately explore how to let go of unnecessary tension in the body and mind to drop into a state of flow.  As we refine our awareness and articulation as we shift between shapes, we will open up to bigger questions about how to adapt to changes in our lives, maintaining integrity when moving into new and unknown experiences.

We will meet once a week on a Sunday afternoon and the sessions will include a theme, intention setting, dynamic practice, breath-work, meditation and journaling inquiry (please bring a pen and notebook). There will be some optional homework and additional support offered between sessions.

Graceful Transitions is aimed at people of various ages and agilities, no matter if you be a seasoned practitioner or are fairly new to yoga you will be able to adapt the practices to meet your body’s needs, whatever they may be.

Sundays 2:30 - 4pm at Yoga on the Lane in Dalston, E8


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