Yoga Teacher Training - The Practices of Leadership & Empowerment 2017

  • Hanbury Street London, England, E1 United Kingdom

This 100 hour course is designed to support and refine the craft of yoga teaching. If you are already qualified as a yoga teacher, or have previously done an immersion with us, we invite you to join us on a powerful and transformative journey ...

Transform the highs and lows of your life journey into the wild poetry of your yoga classes (and everything you do)

  • Speak truth
  • Stand for your own worth
  • Give inspired and clear instructions to your students
  • Know how to work with common injuries and imbalances
  • Teach beginners and give them tools for a lifetime of wellness
  • Craft your offerings from a clear personal teaching (and life) mission
  • Bring inspirational, embodied themes to each class
  • Understand bio-mechanics, anatomy, and intelligent sequencing for yoga practice
  • Create a powerful energetic temple space in every yoga room
  • Learn the life-affirming Tantric worldview
  • Experience the deeper teachings of yoga (meditation, mantra, deities, awareness practices) in a supportive community so you can fully embody your own light and depth
  • Cultivate community around your teaching
  • Discover your authentic voice
  • Uphold cutting edge ethics for the future yoga culture
  • Deepen your personal presence and anchor in the present moment
  • Build a sustainable, juicy yoga business with a model that works for you
  • Enjoy the sweet challenge and unparalleled fun of a yoga teacher's life

Leila Sadeghee and I are passionate about the art of how to instruct asana, find potency in our language, refining our sequencing so that we can make the yoga nourishing for the people we see in the yoga room. We work with Marcus Lord Veda to learn how create a playlist that works with rather than against you, as well as the wonderful Pip Waller (who I have named the Mary Poppins of anatomy) who pulls anatomy out of the books and makes learning about the body alive, creative and magical. 

And throughout this process there is huge growth for all involved, a community develops that can support and sustain you as you begin to offer your unique blend of yoga medicine to the world. Leila and I both live and teach in London and we limit the numbers on the training so that we can both support you in your growth as a teacher and get into the nitty gritty of what it means to teach yoga with integrity in a growing global industry.

If you have any questions please get in touch, and if you wish to sign up do so here.