Love Yourself Wildly Well

The two innovative founders of the programmes 'the wild well project' and 'Love Yourself More', Bridget Luff and Dannie Quilitzsch, unite for a special gathering of sisterhood, self-love and soul expression. Come join us in circle where we witness and honour each other just as we are. 

Dannie and Bridget shall share an in-depth conversation about their personal journeys of self-discovery and growth, whilst encouraging others to open their minds and hearts to the diverse opportunities life has to offer. 

Join us for a divine afternoon of inspiration, meditation and relaxation, slipping into the magical space held by these two intuitive souls who shall guide you in ways of building up your personal energy field so that you have the freedom to simply be yourself.

Details TBA - meanwhile join my mailing list/ follow us on facebook to be the first in the know.