thank you

Dani's photos, Susannah Conway, and Scarlet Cummins thanks for letting me use some of your artistry on this site.

Sianna Sherman (Rasa Yoga & Urban Priestess) for helping me find my voice as a teacher. 

Tara Judelle (Embodied Flow) for co-creating a map of connection to body that I love.

Leila Sadeghee thank you for being my teacher, mentor, colleague and friend.

Yoga on the Lane, Mudra, Union Station Yoga, The Life Centre and TripYoga gave me space to grow, experiment with and evolve what I offer.

Mollie Morris thank you for all of your sound mentoring advice.

Sally Kempton and Adyashanti's work help me to keep falling back in love with meditation.

And to all the amazing yoga, movement & meditation facilitators, artists, priestesses, shamans,  intuitive healers, mentors and wild-guides I have met on this path - I am so very grateful for all of your inspiration, wisdom and guidance.