The Practices teacher training

Bridget is currently on the faculty of The Practices 200hr yoga teacher training. This unique training was developed in 2014 and has evolved and grown, yet remains a space for Londoners to deepen their yoga practice and refine their teaching within a vibrant and supportive community.

In 2018 the training shall be led by Leila Sadeghee, alongside various amazing healers and teachers including Heather Umlah, Rikke Brodin and Pip Waller. Bridget offers various modules on the training including restorative yoga, observational teaching and voice-work.

The training is divided into two sections: the immersion, which dives deep into philosophy, meditation, nutrition and yoga asana; and the teacher training module which focuses on learning (and practicing!) the nuts and bolts of teaching yoga.

If you are already a qualified yoga teacher note that you can sign up for either module as an add-on to your prior training.

To find out more/to apply take a look over here