moving with a curious wonder in the world

We are all connected with each other and this world around us.

Yoga helps us to remember that connection.

The yoga that Bridget offers is a breath-infused meditation in motion infused with inquisitive awareness and a blend of ancient ritual with attention to what is happening in the current moment.


By tuning into our bodies and becoming more present inside and out we can experience profound shifts in our lives. And through these portals we can drop into a clearer, lighter, grounded and more centred way of feeling and being.

a bit about Bridget

Bridget is an experienced teacher and eternal student of yoga and movement. With a background in performing and visual arts, she infuses her teaching and offerings with creativity and soul. Based in London she travels regularly to places in nature which inspire and inform her work. Bridget keeps learning, questioning and evolving her practices, and shares what she discovers with curious folk who wish to join her - both online and in person.

Instructions for living a life: pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.
— Mary Oliver