Fire of the Heart mentoring

Bridget offers a safe space for you to speak your truth, and can provide support and advice in the following ways:

Building a sustainable daily yoga and meditation practice that realistically serves you in your life

Offering tools and rituals to work through difficult emotions and energies

Yoga therapeutics to address fatigue, trauma and injury

Techniques to hold centre, with permeable boundaries, compassion and spaciousness in all kinds of challenging moments

Alignment to what your priorities are and what medicine you truly wish to offer in the world right now

Doorways to listen deep and hear what your intuition and body wisdom tells you

An introduction to transformative shadow & soul work using mythology, archetypes, journaling, ceremony and ancient earth wisdom

Connection to the natural world, and the resources it offers

Encouragement to find your true creative expression and explore what brings you joy

Voice-work, Bridget can offer exercises to help you on a physical and emotional level to discover your true voice.

Together we craft a map to steer you to what matters most to you.

Option for a monthly private group session in London, or one-to-one via Skype. If any of this piques your interest get in touch and we can arrange a time to discuss if mentoring might be right for you.