yoga teaching mentoring

As a long-time teacher (of yoga, but even before that as a drama teacher) Bridget has learnt a few lessons along the way. She has co-taught on a number of yoga teacher trainings, supporting newer yoga teachers starting out, since 2014. One of her strengths is guiding you in knowing what your true value and potential is, and refining how you might share that with the world.

From her skill-set she is able to offer support in and advice on the following:

Nourishing You: refining what your self-care, yoga and spiritual practice is, finding what works best for you

‘Space Holding’: how to work energetically, maintaining compassion and support for your students through all sorts of challenging situations

Intuitive Listening: Bridget can share ways to tune into your intuition as you teach so that you can respond to your student’s unspoken needs

Teaching Toolbox: Inspiration for theming, guidance in class-planning and sequencing

Marketing: how to promote your work while remaining true to you and your values

‘Yoga world’ Navigation: support with all the wheres, whats and whys of being a yoga teacher; reminding you of why you signed up for this in the first place

Student Support: working out what your boundaries are, adapting to different levels, working with injuries and discussing how, when and if you might adjust students

Voice Work: Bridget can offer suggestions and exercises to help you both physically and emotionally amplify your voice

Together we craft a map to steer you to what matters most to you

If any of this piques your interest get in touch and we can work out if a mentoring session might be right for you. (Available in-person or via Skype). Details on request.