Portals of Practice

yoga, movement & meditation ~ a series of explorations at TripSpace

Portals of Practice is a series of workshop experiences for regular yoga practitioners to: expand and understand their sensitivity, explore the subtle energetic layers of self, and discover more elegance, efficiency and ease in their practice.

Bridget shall share what she has gathered from various yoga, meditation and somatic studies as well as her passion for creative living, mythology and ceremony. 

Every Saturday afternoon session shall include a theme and specific anatomical awareness (a portal), flowing yoga sequences, embodied movement, group dialogue with space to question, journaling, breath-work and meditation.

There will be some online support between sessions from Bridget and the group as we build our practice together.

This series is ideal for practitioners and teachers looking for some inspiration and support in their practice, a space to deepen their understanding of the body-mind, and encouragement to creatively, intuitively and intelligently develop their personal practice.

14th April - Bare Bones: in this session we explore what our skeletal structure is and what it does, we experience our skeleton with breath moving through space, we write the story of our bones with our body in motion.

19th May - Sensitive Strength: here we explore what sensitivity is, and how to hone and use it as a strength. We shall move, flow and meditate in and out of space, lighting up our skin from deep within.

9th June - Molten Core: if we strip back all the layers and constructs of our self - who are we? What is at our core? Come to reveal and move from the centre of your body.

30th June - Sacred Pulse: what stirs your soul? What lights you up and brings you wellbeing and vitality? In this session we delve into what the heart is, and connect to the dynamic beat that brings us to life.

14th July - Fluid Grace: here we peel off some labels and associations and explore what words like flow and grace actually mean and feel like, during and outside of a yoga class. Pulling it all together, we use the current moment as our portal.

Saturdays 3- 6pm

TripSpace, London E8

Each session layers on from the last, but there are a few drop-in spaces should you not be able to make all. 

Drop In one session = £45  

Portals Practice x 3 sessions = £105

Portals Practice x 2 sessions = £70